What Causes and How To Stop Panic Attacks

I came across this video today.  I really like how he describes what causes panic attacks and what symptoms you can have.  I remember this too well and how much it sucked.  I love how he asks you to take away the symptoms.  Eating healthy, and avoiding foods that can cause symptoms is a great way to stop your panic attacks.  Another way I found to distract myself from symptoms was to sing a song anytime I started worrying about something.  The moment i’d feel a panic attack start, I’d sing.  I don’t know the words to many songs so I’d sing Happy Birthday to you over and over.  It wasn’t the most exciting song, but it worked.

Acupuncture To Help Relieve Anxiety

I love acupuncture!  I started using acupuncture after I got rid of my anxiety, but I know it can help reduce anxiety.  I’ve used acupuncture to get rid of colds faster, get more energy, get rid of migraines, and much more.  I always come out of the session feeling so much better.  It’s cool to see how all the different points in your body help you heal and feel better.

I know when I had anxiety, I would try anything to get it to stop.  But during my Panic Attack days I would’ve had issues doing acupuncture.  So I don’t recommend forcing yourself into this if you’re not ready.  The last thing you want is to have a panic attack during the session.  These sessions can last 30 minutes or so.  So until you can control your panic attacks (singing in my head always worked for me), I’d recommend waiting to try acupuncture.

I know a lot of people who are afraid to try acupuncture because of the needles.  I hate needles and hate getting shots, but these kinds of needles don’t bother me.  Most of the time I’ll feel a short prick then I can no longer tell there’s a needle in me.  So if you’re open to trying acupuncture, it’s worth a shot to see if it will help relieve your anxiety.  If you also suffer from depression, it’s worth working on these points as well.

If you decide you are ready to try it, there are tons of licensed acupuncturists around the country so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding someone.  One visit may not do the trick for you so you may need to go multiple times.

XMen Access Tools

There’s some great info in here about panic attacks and anxiety.  Asking these questions will help you. – Who does this belong too?  Then return it to sender.

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Gratitude Lifts The Weight of Anxiety

Let me tell you why the art of gratitude is such a great tool for ending anxious thoughts.

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Anxiety Panic Hub Assistance for people with an Anxiety Disorder – Symptoms

The Anxiety Panic Hub assists people who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, anxiety disorders by providing information, resources and world wide support…

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Using Journaling To Overcome Your Panic Attacks And Anxiety

journaling and panic attacksWriting in your journal can be a great way to release any frustrations, stress, and anxiety.  Not only does it help you release a lot of emotions, it’s also a great way to track your behaviors.  I’ve attached a video that describes other benefits as well.  It doesn’t take much to journal.  All you need is something to write with and something to write on.  I recommend you buy a notebook or use one that you already have and use it only for your journalling.  Having all your journal entries in one place will help you look back at your old entries much easier.  Write down information about each panic attack you have.  Where you were.  What you were doing?  What were you thinking?  Did you just eat?  What did you eat?  Who were you with?  Or were you alone?  Keep track of everything you can think of that happened before and after each panic attack.  Once you know what is causing your panic attacks, it’ll make it easier to work on overcoming that issue.  Leave your comments below how journalling has helped you.

Be Great, Powerful Beyond Measure

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a motivational movie.  I remember when I was having my panic attacks.  Most days I needed as much motivation as I could get.  So when I came across this video today, I felt the need to post it.  It has a great message: Be Great, Powerful beyond measure. I love it.  Enjoy the video.

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Chakra Meditation For Panic Attacks And Anxiety

meditation for anxietyHere’s a great meditation to help alleviate your anxiety and panic attacks by clearing your 7 chakras, the energy centers of your body.  This meditation will help you remove any blocks or negative emotions and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.  Start the video and either lie down or sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.   Happy meditating.  :-)   Did you like this meditation?

Relax Your Muscles To Reduce Panic Attacks

Here’s a great video that will help you relax the muscles in your body.  If you can take 10-15 minutes each day to listen to this video, it will help keep you more relaxed.  The more relaxed you can be, the easier it will be to overcome your panic attacks.  If your mind starts wandering while you’re listening to this, do your best to catch your self getting distracted and go back to listening to her guide you through the relaxation.  It could take you some time to be able to do that.  The more severe your panic attacks are, the more likely you have racing thoughts.  If this is the case, do this exercise as much as possible and keep working on focusing on what she’s saying for a little longer each time you do it.

Acupuncture For Stress And Anxiety

Acupuncture is another great way to reduce your anxiety and stress.  Below is a great video that tells you why.  He starts out with the causes of stress and common symptoms of stress.  He then goes into how acupuncture can help you reduce your stress which will reduce your anxiety.  The main organs that are associated with stress are the liver and the heart.  He gives you other tips to do in addition to the acupuncture that will help you keep your anxiety levels down.